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As an SEAI approved Solar PV Installer, we can help you to claim Grant Entitlements for your school!

Schools Photovoltaic Programme

How does the program work?

Schools from 11 counties across Ireland will be entitled to a 6kWh Solar PV system free of charge in 2024. Eligible schools have been invited to avail of this program via email and must register their interest via the School Hub by 1st February 2024.

Once Approved, schools will be required to gather and submit 3 quotations for the works - this is where Planet Blue Energy can help you!

Key Dates for Schools Photovoltaic Programme Phase 1:

30 November 2023

Applications invited from over 1,600 schools

1 February 2024

Deadline for schools to register for the programme

15 March 2024

Deadline for schools to submit quotations to the Department

30 May 2024

Target date for completion of phase 1 PV installations

What your Installation will include:

  • A 6kWh roof-mounted Solar PV system
  • Connection to the grid
  • A monitoring system and display screen

Why choose Planet Blue Energy Ireland?

At Planet Blue Energy, we understand the importance of educating future generations about the Environment. This is why we would like to work with your school to help educate your students on the benefits of the new Solar PV system, how it works and the positive effect it has on the environment through an in-person talk once the installation is complete.

Post-installation, we won’t be going anywhere! We are always available to answer any questions you might have about your new Solar PV System, and to provide any maintenance should this be required.

How much can a 6kw Solar System save us?

The amount of electricity generated annually will depend on a range of factors including geographical location, shading and the direction and angle in which the panels are installed. A 6kW system roughly translates to 16 Solar Panels. The SEAI indicate that a well-located 16 Panel Solar PV system would typically generate up to 5,000 kWh of electricity a year.

Depending on your price per kWh this could mean savings of up to €2000 annually!

How do we get a quote?

Please fill in the form below with the Eircode of your school and contact details and a member of our team will reach out with your quotation! Alternatively email us at [email protected] or call 1800 849 5977.

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All installations will give you access to the Solis App allowing you to monitor the performance of your panels in real-time!