Power your Business for less with Solar Energy!

As an SEAI approved Solar PV Installer, we can help you to claim Grant Entitlements for your business!

How Solar Energy can help your business:

1. Immediately realisable savings on your Energy Bills

  • Onsite solar power can deliver savings of over 50% for your business!

2. Reduce your Carbon Footprint:

  • Meet your companies ESG goals by significantly reducing your emissions. Using solar energy will allow you to easily quantify the positive impact your installation is having and report on this against your environmental targets.

3. Grants

  • Avail of the grant that are available for commercial PV projects – find out more here OR reach out to our team for a precise quote of how much you could save.

4. Benefit from Tax Relief

  • Accelerated Capital Allowance is a tax incentive encouraging investment in energy saving technology. Your business can claim this against the cost of your installation!

5. Be in Control of your Energy Bills

  • By generating and storing your own electricity, energy companies will no longer dictate the price you pay. Take control of your energy bills today!

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Protect the Environment & your back-pocket!

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All installations will give you access to the Solis App allowing you to monitor the performance of your panels in real-time!