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Discover the Incredible Benefits of Solar Panel Installation

Every Morning the sun rises, and you could be harvesting it! Over the lifecycle of your Solar installation, you will be generating electricity at ~ 20% of the price you are currently paying.

Fast and Professional Installation

Our highly qualified teams of installers are fully insured, trained and experienced in all aspects of Solar installation. Leaving a High-Quality finish every time.

We pride ourselves on being the fastest in the industry for project turn around. From initial order being placed to installation is currently less than 4 weeks!

Featured Review

Excellent service throughout from start to finish. Works started & completed on time and efficiently.
Brian (sales) & Anthony (installation) were both extremely knowledgeable and had fantastic advice throughout.
Cannot recommend these guys high enough.

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Residential Services

When it comes to Residential installation, Our team of professional installers will design a system suited to your specific needs and have it installed within 4 weeks. You'll be able to monitor your generation with live reports and ofcourse our team will be on hand should any Maintenance be required

Commercial Services

While Cost Savings are important to every business, after all the substancial savings on your solar installation fall right to the bottom line. Using Green Solar Electricity contributes even more to a businesses image in an Enviorment were customers care even more about ESG and Environmental impacts.

Agricultural Services

Farms and Food services use a lot of Electricity, which can be a substancial cost. With the benefit of having large roofs or fields for ground mounted solar generation, there has never been a better time to reduce costs and take advantage of governmernt 40% Grant Funded (TAMS 3) Solar Incentives.

Why Choose Us

When embarking on projects of a 25 - 30 year life cycle it’s important to choose experienced professionals that get the installation right, first time, every time.

Quality, Reliability, Reactive Service and Maintainence, Seemless installation and a Partner who support you every step of the way.


We trust only the best equipment with leading warranty cover. Our installers are also the best in class.


We provide on-going maintenance and advice on how to maximise the performance of your system so that we're with you for the lifetime of your panels and beyond.

Value for Money

We supply the highest performing panels at prices that can't be beaten.