Power your Home for less with Solar Energy!

As an SEAI Approved Solar PV Installer, we can help you to claim your Residential PV Grant entitlements! See below how your Solar PV System might work:

1. Solar Panels

  • We use Solar Panels that have been designed with aesthetics in mind. Small in size, big on power and light in weight.
  • The PV cells on Solar Panels absorb the sunlight and generate DC (direct current) electricity.

2. Inverter

  • Our Solis inverters are the best in class. They convert the DC electricity generated from the solar panels to AC (alternating current) electricity, which is used by the electrical grid.

3. Fuse Board

  • The inverter is connected to your existing fuse board so that the clean, green electricity generated from your Solar Panels can power your home.

4. Batteries

  • Adding batteries allows you to store any additional energy that you generate throughout the day and then use it at night or sell it back to the grid.

5. Hot Water Divert

  • If you currently heat your water using an immersion system, you may decide to add a Hot Water Divert which can convert excess solar energy into stored heat in your water tank.

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All installations will give you access to the Solis App allowing you to monitor the performance of your panels in real-time!